Föhrenbach GmbH - Company Group

Bianca FöhrenbachBianca Föhrenbach
Executive Director

Marianne Föhrenbach-KettererMarianne Föhrenbach-Ketterer
Executive Director

Manfred FöhrenbachManfred Föhrenbach
Company founder

The Föhrenbach Group with around 70 employees, founded in 1975 by Manfred Föhrenbach, is one of the leading manufacturer of high-precision components, units and systems for linear and rotary movements in the automation technology and precision machinery industry. Föhrenbach products solve requirements for guiding, drive, movement, control and positioning. Additionally Föhrenbach offers products to complete the portfolio for customized complete solutions up to special machines.

For us, quality isn’t just a catchphrase, we live it actively. Our quality consciousness is the main power source that drives us ahead on or way to highest precision results.
Another guarantor for the quality level we have establishes is the exceptionally high degree of our manufacturing depth, which is realized in our plants in Löffingen-Unadingen (Germany), in Weinfelden (Switzerland) and Sligo (Ireland).

Tailor shaped full-spectrum solutions for applications in almost all industries require permanent innovation and product development. Therefore every tenth employee of the Föhrenbach Group works in the product development sector.