Rotary tables and rotation axis

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Rotary tables and rotation axis - Video

Positioning with system! With the rotary tables from Föhrenbach you get an extensive and at the same time flexible solution for your requirements - everything from a single source and any time expandable. Our solutions are characterized by precision, durability and big light aperture.

Rotary tables with worm gear series RT1A

The rotary tables of the series RT1with integrated precision roller bearing and worm drive are available in installation size of 300 and 400 mm. They can be driven in all fitted positions. Different limit switches are available.

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Rotary tables with worm gear series RT2A

The series of RT2A distinguishes by compact design with integrated precision roller bearing and worm drive. The rotary tables are sealed, IP 50. They are available in sizes 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200. They can be driven in all fitted positions.

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Rotary tably RT6A100 with integrated crossed roller bearing

With the new RT6A100 rotary table, Föhrenbach is expanding its rotary table portfolio. The RT6A impresses with a new type of bearing for the turntable.

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Rotary tables with compact drive

The new compact drives make our established Föhrenbach rotary tables RT2A series to a flexible and cost-saving option for individual applications. Especially in stand-alonemode, so for applications where a higher-level control is not necessary, the rotary table with compact drive shows its strengths. Another possible application area are applications where only a few driving programs are needed.

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Rotary tables with direct drive

Directly driven rotary tables with iron-afflicted electronically commutated 3-phase synchronous motor with permanently magnetically excited secondary part ensure highest accuracy, high rigidity and an optimal speed-ability.

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Swivel unit for rotary tables

The swivel unit makes a processing of workpieces possible in individually adjustable angle positions. The clamping surface of the swivel unit is preferably suitable for the attachment of our rotary table series RT2A.

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New Rotary Swivel Unit RT2A for flexible machine retrofitting

The new designed rotary swivel unit RT2A is the ideal solution for retrofitting your machine with a 4th and 5th axis. It is based on the proven and robust rotary tables of the RT2A series.

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Clamping systems for rotary tables

The clamping system - manual or automatic - is suitable for our rotary tables RT2A and RT3A.

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Rotary axes with direct drive TA3

The directly driven rotary axes of the TA3 series are excellent suited for the exact positioning of workpieces or, due to the high speeds, also for round machining of workpieces. The direct drive is absolutely backlash-free and ensures highest dynamics.

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