Environmental Guidelines

  1. We seek for safely operable, cost-efficient and environmentally safe solutions for our products and their manufacturing. We include our suppliers and contractual partners into this objective.
  2. Legal regulations and official requirements are observed as minimum standards.
  3. In order to protect air, soil and water, we take preventive measures on our own initiative against possible accidents. We commit ourselves to avoid accidents and disruptions to the production process by active prevention, and to protect in this way our employees against health hazards and the sites as well as their surroundings against environmental damage.
  4. We cultivate an open dialog with the competent public authorities, with our neighbours and employees, with customers and suppliers, and pursue an active information policy.
  5. The avoidance, reduction and recovery of waste have priority over the disposal. Limited resources, such as energy, water and raw material, are used sparingly. Our products and production processes are shaped with this in mind.
  6. Occupational safety and environmental protection require at all levels responsible employees, who actively collaborate and think when implementing these principles. By means of a corresponding apprenticeship and in-service training, they are supported in this.