The Föhrenbach square of values

Custom-made solutions for customer needs

Custom-made solutions for customer needsOur customers and their manufacturing problems are immensely important for us – we are listening, we advise and we find solutions. Around the globe, in nearly all industrial sectors, Föhrenbach positioning systems are in use successfully today. Over 40 years, there had been nearly no positioning problem, which Föhrenbach GmbH could not solve for its customers. Many things are already feasible, when one cleverly employs and combines the over 100,000 products and product variants from our catalogue. For customer problems, which cannot even be solved in this way, we develop – by using these standard products - a custom-made innovation.


Quality, highest precision, innovation

Quality, highest precision, innovationWe have gained the good reputation that Föhrenbach enjoys by high quality standards, highest precision including measurements in the µ range and permanent innovation. 

At Föhrenbach, training and further education of the employees are not only of enormous importance at the management, but also for each employee himself. Therefore we have excellently trained and dedicated people who think for themselves. Before a product gets to the customers, it runs internally through several quality controls. Our work processes are standardised and optimised. We involve our suppliers and contractors in our quality targets. These are regularly reviewed and improved. Our quality guidelines include the compliance with the quality standards that our customers have committed to.
The measure for the quality of our products and services is the client. What he thinks about our products and solutions, this is our guideline.


From one hand

From one handComplete systems from one hand offer to the customer high process reliability, because all parts are optimally coordinated and because not only single Components are controlled but also their interaction. Therefore Föhrenbach has brought to the market, for decades, innovative and custom-made complete solutions for guiding, drive, movement, controlling and positioning tasks.


Cooperation between people

Cooperation between peopleDuring the last 40 years, Föhrenbach has experienced a great success story. We want to allow the people, who have contributed to this success, to participate in it, and also the people in the region in which we live and work. Therefore we have supported for many years charitable institutions from the region and offer to our employees a working environment that not only gives them professional satisfaction, but also quality of life.